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Almost as soon as I discovered my sexuality I began carving secret spaces to play in.

 Initially, I thought this was my way of escaping reality but I now realise that mystery is the key to unlocking my authentic self. Whether it was hiding my first girlfriend from my parents or sneaking off to fetish nights in London as a teenager, the simple act of something being private and just for me makes it all the more intoxicating.

This is a life I lead in addition to running a separate, unrelated business. When I first entered this world I did so while working full-time for a global brand. I struggled to be enthusiastic about climbing the ridged corporate hierarchy and always knew I wanted to work for myself. Through being Olivia I was able to launch and build a business as my own investor and live a lifestyle I could previously only dream of.

That doesn’t mean to suggest I entered this world from an unfortunate position. I earned a very comfortable income and lived in a gorgeous part of England when I became a companion. I did so out of a desire for adventure rather than purely for financial gain. I grew up neither disadvantaged nor immensely privileged, but with an entrepreneurial mindset and an appetite for success. I am well-travelled and have visited many of the world’s remote and off-the-beaten track locations both simply and in complete luxury. I am a huge animal lover and have visited much of Eastern and Southern Africa and northern India on responsible safaris.

 Physically I am tall but petite with a toned body from regular dance lessons complete with elegant hands and feet. I tend to dress in neutral colours with noir being my favourite against my milky complexion. I am incredibly visually led with a tasteful yet individual sense of style. 

The space I carve for Olivia sets me free, allows me to remove myself from the expectations and often mundanity of the real world. I open this space for you to do the same, this is space for you to be seen, lift your mask or escape. 

 I am a lover of art, literature, architecture and adore meeting new people. I’ve studied Art History and enjoy nothing more than visiting galleries or experiencing the arts with my lovers. I can’t wait to learn all about your interests, your life and make new experiences together. It doesn’t matter what leads you to meeting with me, whether it’s a craving for intimacy, a space to be yourself, or chance to explore sexually. You may simply be seeking friendship in me to accompany you to things that interest you.

My preference is to build long-term, authentic connections with a small selection of lovers. I lead a full and varied life when I am not on Olivia escapades and therefore request as much notice as possible for our dates. I’m very experienced in extended dates and have accompanied lovers on many multi-day trips both in the UK and beyond. I recommend at least four to six hours to indulge in one another’s company and explore properly. I choose to lead this unconventional lifestyle because it thrills me.

Meet London’s finest Dominant Companion

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Quick fire

Height: 5 ft 10
Age: 30
Nationality: English
Hair colour: Natural red
Eye colour: Hazel
Complexion: Fair with freckles
Dress size: 10
Bra size: Natural 34C
Waist size: 26 inches
Shoe size: UK 6
Tattoos: Yes – none visible when dressed

Cuisine: Seafood, Japanese or Vietnamese
European country: Italy
Long-haul country: India
Drink: Martini or Ruinart Champagne
Lingerie: Bordelle
Latex: Lady Lucie Latex
Corsets: Sian Hoffman
Music: Rock/Metal/Dance
Kink: Pet play/face sitting
Colour: Noir
Museum: Victoria & Albert Museum

What my long-term friends say

 As one of London’s most exclusive companions, I ask my clients to keep our private moments off escort review sites. However the following extracts were written by long-term friends upon my request for my website. I have met with each of the following  authors at least ten times and for more than a year. 

“Olivia is mesmerising, intoxicating, brilliant company, and dates with her are completely exhilarating. Her charm, grace, intelligence, sense of humour and persona may be even more captivating than her sensuous beauty and physique. Her seemingly limitless energy, passion and flirtatious sense of fun make every date electrifying. I was captivated when we first met and still am. I’ve been lucky to spend many extended dates with Olivia both in the UK and overseas. Spending time in Olivia’s company is the epitome of unforgettable pleasure.”

“A few short sentences simply can’t adequately portray how delightful Olivia is, but I count myself very lucky to be able to spend time with such a dazzling, sophisticated, vivacious lady.”

“Whether you’re new to this world or not, the bar is set here. Olivia moves in her own way resulting in an elevated, incomparable companion experience. Intelligent, articulate, wickedly fun and, of course, simply beautiful. I’ve shared countless dates with Olivia and look forward to many more.”

“Olivia is simply great fun, I love being around her. She is intelligent yet light and refreshing. No matter what’s going on in my life she manages to make me laugh, feel adored and happy. She offers a mix of adventure, affection and friendship. I can’t imagine my calendar without a dose of Ms O booked in.” 

“Olivia is elegance personified. She says she sometimes feels like she was designed to live the life of a courtesan and it’s hard to disagree. Her brilliance, intelligence and physical presence are out of this world. What a woman, and what an opportunity to know this side of her.” 

“I’ve shared many fun and carefree moments with Olivia, yet I’ve also learned a great deal from her about intimacy, romance and kink. Her open yet honest approach to life is so refreshing, and her skill for seeing and creating beauty everywhere is wonderful. Dates with O are one of life’s finest luxuries. ” 

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