Recently I was chatting with a client about the current state of the world and found myself saying that I crave mundanity for the first time in my life. What I meant by this was a time before Russia invaded Ukraine, the looming rise in the cost of living, the cultural divide and further widening from our sense sense of identity and connection as a human race, a time before the pandemic.

Both myself and he were shocked by this stream of consciousness confession because, if you know me, you’ll know mundanity is my nemesis. I’ve spent my life enthusiastically avoiding mundanity. I spent years wondering how others aren’t climbing the walls with seemingly predictable routines, 25 days allocated annual leave and taxed-to-shit, depressing disposable incomes. How come relatively few others were seeking ways to expand beyond the systems we were born in? I felt I could see flaws so loudly and so lucidly in the lifestyle many aspired towards and I craved more. I needed something different for my own sanity, so took a risk and built more.

When I first became a companion, my tagline was “escape the mundane with me”, this illustrated that being Olivia was more than just a venture of financial gain and an emotional, physical and sexual release. I was entering – and later creating – safe spaces within corners that are taboo and rejected by much of the mainstream. Spaces that welcome risk, play with power dynamics, explore our full complicated selves and, if we want to, temporarily suspend ourselves from reality.

The sex industry is alluring to my personality because I am entrepreneurial, fairly anti-establishment and adventurous. None of which are particularly suited to working for someone else and following rules of others. These traits likely stem from living overseas for much of my childhood. Being raised in an environment that felt transient meant that even as an adult the concept of permanence was, and is, a bit uncomfortable to me.

Existing in these spaces cuts right to the chase with people because sex is so intrinsic to all of our identities and experiences as human beings. Feelings of pride (or shame), worthiness and purpose all stem back to how we feel about and express ourselves in a sexual capacity, even if we’re not sexual at all. The blending of different traits and how they are weaved and shaped by our experiences and perspectives is continuously one of the most fascinating parts of my work. The result is exactly what I was craving and, for a long time Olivia satisfied my needs to “escape the mundane”.

However, now I begin to realise what a privilege mundanity in the sense I describe it actually is. To be bored by a traditional life means access to have one. And with everything happening in the world, so many of us have had that option stripped away. The trappings of poor work-life balance the obscene cost of living and buying property in much of the UK remains a real issue, but the relative comfort and security a ‘normal’ life affords is not to be underestimated and something I no longer fear.


I also learn what a greater privilege it is to have the capacity to “escape the mundane” in the way in which I have done so. Communities of many shades offer relief to those within them and I feel even more grateful for the business I built. With the current shape of the world I am relieved to have more than one income stream offering some form of safety against this backdrop of uncertainty and pretty terrifying news. 

I changed my tagline to “I can set you free” around a year or so ago and feel this more adequately reflects what I offer, and subsequently feel. I maintain that the companionship, intimacy and erotic exploration I offer (and obtain) as Olivia is an important tool to navigate feelings of mundanity, but, I look forward to to a sense of equilibrium in the world, a moment of calm and dare I say it; a period of predictability where one might even become a bit bored.





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