I take a sip of my coffee and enjoy the warm sun on my skin through the train window. We’ve not long departed Paddington, which means I’ve just long enough to relax and enjoy the views before arriving at my destination. England is like a different country when the sun is shining. I love the simplicity warm, languid days allow; so much pleasure to be gained from simply lovely company and a good view.

I’m on my way to friends for Easter after an overnight first date. I open my bag to look at some of my gifts in more detail; we’d removed them from their gift boxes to avoid arousing too much attention from my friends. A hand-written note on a branded hotel paper falls out onto my lap.

“Olivia, our time together was incredible, and you’re an amazing woman, the time we spent together exceeded all my expectations and I hope to see you again soon.”

I smile; what a beautiful note. I had such a great time with him, too, what a charming person with seemingly no idea of just how lovely he is.

I think of how to reply, knowing that sometimes my affections can be misjudged as insincere due to the nature of our time together.

The truth is that admittedly, on occasion, I do pretend to like clients with whom I’ve no real connection, but more often than not – like now – it’s sincere. I aim to build authentic connections and gradually an intimate, trusting friendship with my clients. This approach is one reason I suspect much of my diary is filled with long-term friends I see once or twice a month – and some I’ve been meeting with since I entered the industry more than three years ago. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if this was all an act, and, as this date discerned himself; those who meet me as Olivia access more of the ‘real me’ than those who meet me in different circumstances.

Over the last months, my diary has become decorated with more and more first dates, which is very exciting. The opportunity to build new connections and experiences is such a fun and fulfilling part of my life. I never expect a new client to become a regular, as some clients like to see lots of different companions, live overseas, or sometimes can only financially commit to seeing me a few times a year. But, it’s uncommon for me to only meet with a client once. They have often spent a long time researching and following me on social media so pretty clear on what to expect once we meet. That being said, I always love a follow up thank you note or message confirming I was everything they desired and that I fulfilled (or exceeded) their expectations. I put a lot of effort into my dates, and it matters to me that my clients are happy.

My recent first dates have been with a variety of people, from those who’ve never seen a companion before (but possibly a dominatrix and are now seeking more sensual, sexual domination), those getting back into companionship post-pandemic, and those who are rightfully craving some affection and attention after lockdowns and increasingly isolated lifestyles.


One person I met with booked two dates upfront at the start and end of his trip to the UK; this allowed him to overcome some nervousness and get comfortable discussing what BDSM exploration we could indulge on date one. This was a really fun approach because it meant we were both looking forward to date two and I had a clear idea of how to walk the line of taking him deliciously close to his limits while still ensuring it was enjoyable and erotic. He remarked that it was the most submissive he’d ever felt and although they were only short (three hours each), the second was one of my most pleasurable BDSM sessions too. All of my dates include relaxation and conversation but unapologetically craving great sex or erotic release is nothing to be ashamed of. There’s no need for dinner, visits to the theatre and handheld walks if that level of intimacy is not what you seek.

Another memorable recent first date was a sensual two-day spa and city adventure; this allowed us plenty of time to relax and get to know one another over delicious dinners and hot baths between erotic exploration.

Below I have shared some spring and summer date inspiration in London; these can be enjoyed regardless of whether it’s our first or fifteenth date, so take a look and get in touch if you’d like to plan one. I offer dates all over England and overseas, so we’re not limited to Central London this is just some of the best things happening in the city over the coming months.


Visit London’s shows


I recently visited London’s Kit Kat Club at The Playhouse Theatre to watch Cabaret with a date and absolutely loved it. This was both of our first visit to this venue which, teamed with 1930’s Berlin inspired lingerie is a treat for any visual animals like me. I would happily revisit this show (and promise not to spoil it in advance). I have since been lusting after lingerie of a similar style (and chatting to the costume designer on Instagram), so, if you’d like to add some cabaret-inspired pieces to my collection do let me know! I am thinking colourful, delicate, lace, frills, ruffles like the pieces pictured in this blog but more intricate and colourful.


Other shows I’d be interested to visit over the spring-summer are Moulin Rouge The Musical – which keeps popping up on Companion Twitter with great reviews, – Life of Pi or Giselle.


Suggested duration: six hours or overnight


Visit some of London’s exhibitions


As you know, I am a huge art lover. I’ve had many dates where we simply wander into a few of London’s museums and galleries without any prior planning and simply enjoy looking. This impromptu perusing is great fun, but sometimes it’s more enriching to do a little research beforehand. Learning why a curator has decided to showcase specific pieces or can only get access to certain pieces can be a really interesting backdrop to what we’re looking at, especially if there is some political, religious or cultural significance to the period in which they were painted, or why they’re being showcased now.


Here are some exhibitions in London I’d be interested in attending over the summer. I’ve studied art history but believe there’s no need for too much knowledge in this area to still enjoy some of London’s incredible art offerings.


Raphael at the National Gallery

Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Fashion Masculinities: The Art of Menswear at the V&A Museum

Mexican Geniuses: A Frida and Diego Immersive Experience, a secret location

Bob Marley One Love Experience, Saatchi Gallery

Surrealism Beyond Borders, Tate Modern

Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Natural History Museum


Let’s pretend we’re hipsters


Since steaming everything in the palm of our hands has become the norm I’ve not visited a cinema for years! I’ve noticed lots of experiential or stylish cinemas and screening rooms appearing which look like such a romantic date spot. Many of them screen classics amid new releases which could be a great excuse to revisit some old favourites. I once visited a drive-in cinema on a date which was just as adorable as it sounds. Although, neither of us own a convertible so we opted for a picnic blanket and popcorn instead.


I am a bit rubbish when it comes to films and TV and a sucker for good set design and killer costumes, (think Snatch, American Horror Story, Killing Eve, Kill Bill, The Joker, Pulp Fiction). But I also love films like Dallas Buyers Club, , Goodfellas, The Dark Knight.


I added a note on my wishlist a few months ago that as a literature lover, I enjoy getting to know my dates through their favourite books. I have *loved* receiving your favourite books and poetry as gifts (I read my first sci-fi recently!). I think watching our favourite films together could be a similarly interesting way to connect and explore genres we wouldn’t have otherwise.


Suggested duration: 4 hours or overnight


A simple dinner date


Dinner dates are a staple in any companions calendar and one of the best things about being Olivia is that I’m taken to all of London’s best restaurants. I love Japanese and recently enjoyed a tasting menu at Umu which I would highly recommend and certainly revisit. Roka is also a solid choice and only a few steps from The Charlotte Street Hotel (the photos included in this blog were taken in their Penthouse Suite on a weekend away with a client). Other restaurants I recommend include Berner’s Tavern, Hide, and Scott’s.


Afternoon tea is also a lovely date activity and we’re spoiled for choice in London. I love the Alice in Wonderland themed tea at The Egerton House Hotel (which has also played host to one of my photoshoots and is a great base for a date).


Other great hosts for traditional yet opulent afternoon tea include The Ritz, The Bloomsbury Hotel, Claridge’s, The Savoy The Wolseley. These are great choices for anglophiles and with your very own Oxford-English redhead, you’ve the perfect accompaniment.


Suggested duration: four to six hours for dinner and private time.

Tip: Book a room in the same hotel we’ve afternoon tea booked if you need to be efficient with time.


Let’s indulge in a spa date


I was recently taken on a spa date to Aire London which is an ancient baths and massage experience. They have baths of all different temperatures (although I avoided the freezing cold ones and lounged in the warm ones instead). I again would love to revisit this lovely venue. Beyond this, I’ve not actually visited any other spas in London (but can recommend many in The Cotswolds, Bath and beyond).


The following are on my list of spas in London I’d love to experience:


The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Akasha at Hotel Café Royal, Piccadilly

The Lanesborough Club & Spa

The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park


Here we can both enjoy a treatment such as a massage or a facial, lounge in the facilities before indulging in some languid sensuality in private.


If you’re a prospective client wishing to plan a spring-summer date please fill out my New Client Booking Form, (I recommend reading my FAQ’s first too!). Existing friends can contact me via WhatsApp, Signal or email.





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