The photos in this blog were taken on a long weekend date in London earlier this month.

Within a few months of becoming a companion, I indulged in multi-night dates in London, France, Italy and beyond. Quickly these became a monthly fixture, and these days I tend to accept between one and three multi-night dates per month. I sometimes refer to these as extended dates, although by extended, I mean anything longer than a classic overnight, so 18 hours or longer. This blog is relevant for lovers of both extended and multi-night dates.

Since I launched my new website in the summer (or perhaps due to pent-up demand for travel after the last two years!), I have been receiving more extended date requests than ever before. I was used to them with my regular, long-term clients, but now I often have them with brand-new clients too. Often, it’s the client’s first experience of an overnight or multi-night date, so I thought I would focus on this style of professional companionship to ensure our extended time together is a success.

Disclaimer, before I start: much like the post Must I Choose regarding BDSM and Girlfriend Experience, by focussing on extended dates here, I am not implying that I don’t adore 4-6 lunch/dinner dates and classic sleepovers. So, if in doubt, yes, I would still love to join you for that romantic four-hour lunch date in December, thx.

Here are my main do’s and don’ts for multi-night dates…

Do: give as much notice and information as possible

Obviously, multi-night dates are more of a commitment because they’re more time away from home. But remember, the preparation is also longer. I try to rest the night before and ensure I have plenty of downtime to unpack, relax and rejuvenate when I get home. So a two-night date becomes at least four nights for me. Plenty of notice allows me to organise my calendar, pet care, personal life and other commitments around it. Also, it feels more exciting and creates a sense of anticipation knowing that we have that time together in our diaries.

I’ve always been selective with clients due to the nature of my work. (Which is why I simply ignore enquiries that don’t include enough information for me to make an informed judgement). When it comes to multi-night – especially if it’s our first date – please give me as much information about you and the date as possible. Although references are optional for most dates, on multi-nights with new clients, they are essential. I love to hear from at least one (but ideally two) companions you’ve seen in the last 12 months, even better if you’ve met them many times or had multi-night dates with them. Why? Because it helps me to feel safer knowing other women in my line of work enjoy spending regular dates with you.

If this is the first time you’ve seen a companion, I advise against a multi-night. A one-night sleepover or even a simple lunch or dinner date is a better place to start.

Do: plan something to do each day

If being a companion wasn’t so controversial in the real world, it could be a great addition to luxury travel websites. I think many solo travellers would benefit from the ability to add an experienced companion to their trip. On a few occasions this year, I have been a kind of travel companion for people visiting England for the first time post-pandemic or ever. One loose activity per day is the sweet spot of not overloading ourselves but sharing great experiences. This could be an exhibition, a comedy show, a jazz show, wine tasting or one of my personal favourites – a visit to a spa. Essentially plan something that enables us to enjoy being together without only talking about ourselves. Mealtimes and relaxation are when we’ll reconnect as a couple, but having external influences in between leads to far more enriching conversations and discussions that wouldn’t come up otherwise.

Do: ensure your hygiene is impeccable. Not good, perfect!

If you’ve already met me, you’ll know I am incredibly clean and for me to relax and be intimate I need you to be impeccably clean too. If not, carnal desires are numbed and my mind is on safety and hygiene. On a four-hour dinner date or classic overnight, it’s easy for me to say, “before I use the bathroom to change into my lingerie, you’re welcome to use the shower,” or something along those lines to give you time and space to freshen up before intimacy. But on a multi-day date, where we might be more languidly sexual, I wouldn’t want to have to remind you as it would become quite awkward so ensure you’re regularly freshening up.

Basically, with me, you can never be too clean.

Do: relax

In normal relationships, we may scroll on our phones or watch some television while we get ready, whereas on professional dates this rarely happens because we’re excited to be together. But as multi-night dates more closely mirror normal relationships downtime is welcome. If you want to lounge on the sofa, take a phone call or go for a stroll while I get ready in the morning, do it! These small moments apart often mean the time we’re together is better.

I have been on many extended dates with clients who have needed to attend work calls or meetings for all or part of the day. And although I don’t encourage spending a long time apart, this gives me some time to recharge with a nap, a walk and is never a negative.

Don’t: Assume travel dates are the best

Some of my favourite multi-night dates have taken place in England. London is one of the best cities in the world full of incredible theatres, museums parks and more. Bath, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds, York and more have all offered incredible bases for dates. I have travelled extensively, and I love visiting new places, but we don’t need to do it for the sake of it.

Travel dates are undeniably glamorous and gorgeous and have many benefits, such as meeting somewhere in the middle if you’re not from the UK, showing me your favourite city or discovering somewhere together. But, admittedly, there are some downsides too. They are way more demanding physically as I find travelling tiring. By the time I have arrived at Heathrow, checked in, wasted two hours trying on sunglasses and buying perfume, flown, waited for my bag, and travelled to the hotel I am ready for a nap. So I often come the night before if meeting in destination, or luckily travel with friends who now know this and allow me to catch my breath on arrival.

In England, I either jump on the train with a good book or drive straight to the hotel and so I don’t need to re-energise. Travel dates also incur additional charges such as my travel time, taxis and flights. With multi-night dates being the most expensive dates I offer, having them in England (and outside of London) makes them more cost-effective for you.

Don’t: think extended dates are all about sex

They’re about companionship, intimacy, erotic and intellectual exploration and escape. Extended dates more closely mirror a real relationship because you get to know each other in a different capacity. If you’re looking for someone to have sex with x times a day, I’m simply not your companion. I have a very sensitive, soft body, which is likely why I love sex so much. But I quickly start to feel turned off if I experience too much.

I must say that I have truly incredible, thoughtful clients who want to elevate my life and give me great experiences. But, I always get anxious before long dates with new clients in case they expect intimate access to me for three days straight just because they’re paying for my time. Earlier in my career, I have memories of leaving even short dates feeling uncomfortable because the client was heavy-handed or overfamiliar with my body, which is really unpleasant. So please don’t assume I want your paws on me for the whole time! I probably do in an intimate romantic sense, like holding hands or touching each other affectionately but not in a sexual capacity, like touching my thighs if I am wearing a skirt or dress in public.

Another note here is that giving each other privacy is essential. Many sexy suites are great when we want time together, but not ideal when we want privacy. If the room doesn’t lend itself to a space for me to dress and shower privately, ensure you’re giving me space to do so, there’s nothing worse than simply wanting a shower and having your nakedness misinterpreted as an invitation for sex.

I often love chatting while I am doing my makeup in a fluffy hotel gown, I just need some private moments alone too.

Don’t: underestimate the importance of sleep

On long dates, sleep is even more important than ever because we’re ‘on’ for long periods of time. As a client, this is your leisure time, and although I genuinely enjoy experiencing these things with you, I am at work. I need to ensure I look fabulous and have high energy to provide you with the best experience possible. To do this, I need rest. Some companions may want to snuggle all night, and although I’m a very tactile, touch-orientated person, when I’m sleeping, I need space. So once the lights are off and it’s time to snooze, avoid coming into my personal space while I’m sleeping. Equally don’t try to initiate sex during this private and important time. I would never want to make my valued clients feel rejected, and I know they would never dream of making me feel unsafe or exhausted, so it’s best to avoid these situations by treating sleep time as sleep time.

Something which can be hard to manage is snoring! I live alone in the suburbs with the sounds of nothing but birds, and so I am not used to having to sleep in noisy environments. If you know you snore, you could book a two-bedroom suite, a second room just for snoozing or offer your companion a couple of hours in the room alone each day to nap and ensure we’re getting enough rest. Sleep deprivation is real, and it’s hard to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when you’ve devoured too much champagne and then haven’t slept.


Extra tips…

Those are my main do’s and don’ts for extended dates, I hope you found them useful. Below are some extra touches that have made me feel comfortable and considered on extended dates. These aren’t required, but appreciated! And if you have the financial means, they make me (and likely any companion) feel adored.

1. A nice big room or suite is essential for extended dates because we both have more stuff and will spend longer in a small space together. Even better than that are multi-storey rooms or suites with more than one bedroom or bathroom. On one of my first international dates in Florence, we had a gorgeous two-bedroom suite with our own bathrooms. This meant I could lay out my products and enjoy some privacy which meant the time we shared together was even better. My client occasionally went off to take calls or relax in his own space and I even enjoyed a languid bath. Time apart makes the time together more magnetic because you allow yourselves to crave each other rather than risk feeling like you’d love a moment alone.

2. When in Madrid I was treated to a four-hour massage experience on my own to enable me (and my client!) some alone-time time to recharge. This client doesn’t enjoy spas or massages but knows I love them, and it was a really generous treat to organise an activity he knew I’d love on my own amid our trip away, it was also one of the best massages I have ever had.

3. It’s always thoughtful to send a gift before the date but sending a voucher to get some lingerie, clothes or anything else I might need or like before our date is very thoughtful, plus sending a little extra to cover any unexpected costs that come up.


If you’d like to meet for an autumn/winter date I have some availability in December. Please fill out my booking form to make a request. (I don’t accept date requests from people I don’t know via email as you need to agree to my booking etiquette and Terms). Existing friends can contact me via Whatsapp, email or Signal.






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