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New Client Booking Form

If we’ve never met, please fill out the short from below and I will be in touch with you soon!

I recommend familiarising yourself with my FAQ’s to ensure we’re compatible beforehand. ID and a 30% deposit is required for all clients, I have never met a single client without ID and won’t be making an exception for you. Once we’ve met you’ll be able to book via Signal, WhatsApp and email.


I choose to limit the number I accept each month, therefore thoughtfully filled out forms, dinner dates, and fun requests are prioritised. I advise between 72 hours and eight weeks notice for new clients however, I know that’s not always realistic, so on the rare occasion that I’m available within 48 hours, I charge a non-refundable £250 fast-track fee. This enables me to prioritise screening and prepare for our time together. My shortest booking duration is two hours, I recommend a four – six hour dinner date minimum to get to know each other properly.


I have read and agree with your Security and Etiquette Terms (below)

Screening method

Receive my communications

Intimacy, trust, safety, friendship & respect


Although I am certain you’ll know how to behave, some people like the reassurance of having my expectations written in advance. Due to the intimate and personal nature of my work I ask that each new client agrees to the following as part of my booking process on our first date. This negates the need for me to mention such formalities verbally.

1. Ensure my fee is paid promptly on arrival in Great British Pounds (GBP) in cash or via bank transfer. You are welcome to pay the fee in full when you send your 30% deposit or the remainder 24 hours before the date. If we are meeting at a restaurant or other public place, please put my fee in an envelope within a gift bag for discretion. 

2. Anything sexual that occurs always requires my consent. Please never assume that I will provide services that another companion you have seen provides.

3. I am immaculately groomed and I expect a high level of personal grooming and hygiene from all my clients.

4. On dates of four hours or longer, incorporate a meal.

5. All costs such as tickets, meals and shopping must be covered by you.

6. On overnight dates, I will spend some time asleep. I am human and need to travel home safely (and function!) the following day.

7. Please do not consume illegal substances before or during our time together, also avoid consuming so much alcohol that I feel unsafe.

10. You are never permitted to photograph or record me using your own equipment.

11. Do not invite anyone to our date without my written consent.

12. Booking Terms:
As a new client your 30% deposit is non-refundable.
In the event of cancellations, if you sent the full booking fee with your deposit I will refund you 70%. If you’re an existing client need to cancel our booking with a minimum of 72 hours notice you can apply it to our next date. If I  cancel due to feeling we aren’t compatible I will refund you minus a £500 booking and admin fee. If I cancel due to personal circumstances I will refund you 100%. 




Be assured that all of your personal data will be handled securely. I am familiar with cybersecurity, digital hygiene, and UK Data Protection laws. I have never, and will never meet a client without them following my security screening procedure. Any personal data I hold for you e.g. a photo of your passport will be destroyed after our first date. 

Identification (Essential) 

Before our first date is confirmed I’ll need your legal name which you can verify in the following ways:

1. By sending me a copy of your driving license or passport. When you send your 30% deposit, your legal name must match the bank account used.

2.You can verify your identity by contacting my discrete business email and adding my fake recruitment profile to your LinkedIn network. You can only verify yourself via LinkedIn if you have a populated profile with references from other established profiles. A LinkedIn profile with no references from established profiles does not suffice.

Companion references (Optional)

If you have met another companion in the last 12 months please send me their email address and website so that I can ask them for a reference. Companion references are an optional extra that helps me feel safe. For bookings at your private home or overseas these are essential.

If you’ve met with me in the last 12 months and would like me to provide a reference on your behalf I am always very happy to do so.