Dates with me are an undeniable indulgence, but adding another beautiful flame-haired woman is the ultimate.

The first time I met Circe it was as though we already knew one another, we’d long admired each other’s arty self expression on social media and, in a room full of people found ourselves drawn to one another through our mutual love of art, London, lingerie and great sex.

In October 2022, we spontaneously booked a shared photoshoot with one of our favourite photographers. With nature’s most gorgeous season emerging all around us, one of England’s forests became an easy choice. Inspired by great paintings of nymphs and intimacy we chose some of our most delicate lingerie to adorn ourselves and each other and created the gallery below. 

Circe and I offer duo dates together and recommend four to six hours, ready to indulge? Simply fill out both of our booking forms.

Ginger Duo Escorts London